‘Preparing for Power’ Lp. Recloose Organisation LOOSE 010. 1985

‘Preparing for Power’ is often marked as being Bourbonese Qualk’s darkest LP. the album was written and recorded at a time of political upheaval in the uk. the background to this album was the increasing but doomed resistance to the right wing state during the 1980s, manifested by the miners and printers strike and anti-state riots in the capitol. the title is a cynical reference to a traditional left political campaign of the time. the recordings took part in the groups HQ – the Ambulance Station- which was increasingly becoming the target of police attention, factional disputes and random violence. the building was abandoned towards the end of the year 1986. the LP released on the groups own ‘Recloose Organisation’ label is now unavailable, tracks were later released on the “Bo-Qu” retrospective compilation.


Simon Crab: Electronics, Tapes, Guitar, Voice & Other Instruments.
Steven Tanza: Drums, Voice.
Julian gilbert: Voice & Other Instruments.


Craig Runyon: Voice.


‘Sounds’ Newspaper UK. March 1986.
Bourbonese Qualk “Preparing for Power” LP

“…there is something very unsettling about old kent roaders Bourbonese Qualk; their anonymity, (intentional or otherwise?), their politics (some sort of anarchy?) their raison d’etre (artistic, political, self expression ?). my infrequent visits to live events at bq hq-an old ambulance station- have always been something of an ordeal and their new album is no exception. “preparing for power” the third for their own label is another blighted musical landscape , as suffocating and uncomfortable as the urban albumen they live in. there are signs of hope like the incongruously pretty “is it as it was?” but for the real (gloomy) picture you don”t have to look much further than titles such as “confrontation”, “insurrection”, “lies”, “backlash” and “xenophobia”…….”

122David Elliot


(Download the whole album here)

Side One

  1. Return to Order (Simon Crab; Electronics, Electronic Percussion, Tapes, Guitar, Bass, Clarinet. Julian Gilbert; Voice. )
  2. Outcry (Simon Crab; Electronics, Tapes, Guitar, Bass. Steven Tanza; Drums.)
  3. Boggy Creek (Simon Crab; Electronics, Violins. Craig Runyon; Voice.)
  4. Confrontation (Simon Crab; Electronic Percussion, Bass. Steven Tanza; Drums, Voice.)
  5. Lies (Simon Crab; Electronics,Electronic Percussion, Tapes. Steven Tanza; Voice)
  6. Soft City (Simon Crab; Electronic Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Violin.)

Side Two

  1. Xenophobia (Simon Crab; Electronics, Tapes, Percussion, Guitar, Bass. Craig Runyon; Voice.)
  2. Born Left Hearted (Simon Crab; Electronics,Electronic Percussion, Voice. )
  3. Is-it-as-it-was (Simon Crab; Guitar. Steven Tanza; Drums.)
  4. Backlash (Simon Crab; Electronics, Percussion, Voice. Steven Tanza; Drums.)
  5. Insurection (Simon Crab; Electronics, Tapes, Guitar, Bass. Julian Gilbert; Voice, Percussion. Steven Tanza; Drums.)

    ( Download the whole album as a .zip archive )


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  1. Eric L

    I’ve just discovered your website thanks to the Eric Duboys’s book “Industrial Musics”.
    BQ was a band I used to listen when I was young. Unfortunatly, I’ve just kept one cassette but my player doesn’t work anymore.
    In the book, it was written that I could download your LPs on this website but it seems it’s not possible anymore.
    Could you help please and tell me where I could download ?
    Thx a lot,
    E.L. / France

  2. I’d like to download these albums please. 🙂 Bourbonese Qualk, yeah!

  3. It looks like the links are still up. You can find them at the end of each track listing. Love this music. Can listen to this all day (like I’m doing today).

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