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‘On Uncertainty’. Korm Plastics kp3003. April 2001 CD

The final release from Bourbonese Qualk before they disbanded in 2003 was recorded from 1999 to 2001 and released on the Dutch ‘Korm Plastics’ label. This period saw…


‘Moscow’ 7″ Klangalerie

A limited edition of 100 copies 7″ vinyl single recording of a live performance Bourbonese Qualk made at the DOM, Moscow in 2000 as part of the Foundry…


‘Unpop’ CD. Total 2tf13. 1991

‘Unpop’ was released on the Scottish label ‘Total’ in 1991. The Album¬†contains tracks the group had written and performed throughout European/East European tours. People: Miles Miles: Guitars &¬†Various¬†Instruments….


‘Bo’Qu’ LP. New International NIR904. 1991

The resurgence of interest in the earlier works of Bourbonese Qualk after the release of “My Government Is My Soul” prompted the group to compile this retrospective compilation…


‘My Government Is My Soul’ LP. NIR/

The re-formed Bourbonese Qualk trio of Crab/Miles/If spent the 3 years (1987-90) in a recording silence constantly touring Europe and east Europe. the final outcome of these years…