1980-1986 Early Bourbonese Qualk – Box Set. Vinyl On Demand. VOD147

A 3 X LP limited edition Vinyl Box set from Vinyl On Demand featuring unreleased, rare and  archive material dating from the bands formation in 1980 to 1986….


‘Lies’ Mannequin Records. MNQ 059. 2015

Mannequin Records, Berlin released a 12″ edit and remix by Ancient Methods of the 1986 Bourbonese Qualk track ‘Lies’. Reviews: Resident Advisor. ‘Ancient Methods remixes Bourbonese Qualk’s Lies’ October…


‘Bourbonese Qualk 1983-1986’ Mannequin Records 2015.

In February 2015 Mannequin records in Berlin released a double CD/Vinyl LP official compilation of  the groups work from 1983-1986, covering the albums ‘Laughing Afternoon, ‘Hope’, ‘Preparing for…


‘On Uncertainty’. Korm Plastics kp3003. April 2001 CD

The final release from Bourbonese Qualk before they disbanded in 2003 was recorded from 1999 to 2001 and released on the Dutch ‘Korm Plastics’ label. This period saw…


‘Moscow’ 7″ Klangalerie

A limited edition of 100 copies 7″ vinyl single recording of a live performance Bourbonese Qualk made at the DOM, Moscow in 2000 as part of the Foundry…


‘Autonomia’ Praxis 5. CD. 1993

This album was mostly a solo project of simon crab with the aid of Cristoph Fringeli of Praxis records, recorded after a 2 month tour in the USA and…


‘Feeding the Hungry Ghost’ Live European Recordings 1986-1991. Funfundvierzig69. 1993

A CD compilation of live recordings from 1986-1991 recorded in Eastern and Western Europe. People: Miles Miles: Guitars & Various Instruments. Simon Crab: Electronics, Various instruments & voice. Owen If: Drums &…


‘Unpop’ CD. Total 2tf13. 1991

‘Unpop’ was released on the Scottish label ‘Total’ in 1991. The Album contains tracks the group had written and performed throughout European/East European tours. People: Miles Miles: Guitars & Various Instruments….


‘Bo’Qu’ LP. New International NIR904. 1991

The resurgence of interest in the earlier works of Bourbonese Qualk after the release of “My Government Is My Soul” prompted the group to compile this retrospective compilation…


‘My Government Is My Soul’ LP. NIR/

The re-formed Bourbonese Qualk trio of Crab/Miles/If spent the 3 years (1987-90) in a recording silence constantly touring Europe and east Europe. the final outcome of these years…


‘Bourbonese Qualk’ LP. New International NIR187 1987

The self named LP marked the end of the first incarnation of Bourbonese Qualk. Julian Gilbert left the group after ‘the spike'(1986) to concentrate on writing and theatre, leaving…


‘Preparing for Power’ Lp. Recloose Organisation LOOSE 010. 1985

‘Preparing for Power’ is often marked as being Bourbonese Qualk’s darkest LP. the album was written and recorded at a time of political upheaval in the uk. the…


‘The Spike’ LP. Dossier/Atonal Records ST7504. 1986

‘The Spike’ was recorded during  the period 1984-1985 and published by the Berlin based Dossier/Atonal label while the group were involved in organising the Berlin Atonal festival.  Parts of…


‘Hope’ LP. Recloose Organisation LOOSE 007. 1984

The ‘Hope’ album was written and recorded by the group during 1983-1984 at their newly occupied headquarters, the notorious “Ambulance Station”. the Ambulance Station was an occupied 5…

Laighing Afternoon

‘Laughing Afternoon’ Lp. Recloose Organisation LOOSE 004. 1984

Recorded and produced by Bourbonese Qualk at Recloose Studios in Camberwell, South London in 1983. ‘Laughing Afternoon’ was The first vinyl album released by the group having previously releasing very limited…